Billiard Facility

Welcome to the Billiards club to its new ambience & upgraded facility
All in the game. The best of the tables are in play at the Billiards Hall. The Billiards Hall is built for coaching, practice, as well as for conducting tournaments. KSBA’s Billiards Hall lives up to meeting International standards for holding world-class camps and tournaments Best playing area with provisions for gallery, media coverage and press box.
The Billiards hall accommodates 11 Billiards tables and 4 pool tables. All tables are of international standard and care is taken to maintain the standards. The hall is centrally air-conditioned and all tables are provided with heaters for best play. Any International Tournament can be held at short notice. . All top players of the country have endorsed the facilities at KSBA as the best they have seen anywhere in the world and the same was confirmed by the famous Professional coach Derek Hill who traveled all over to KSBA from London, on coaching assignments.